Integrate an etherpad with a wiki. Specifically:

  • Edit a wiki page like it is in etherpad
  • Concretely: a given wiki page can be put in an etherpad type state and then removed from that state the current page contents is saved as a new wiki revision

Why? Get the best of both worlds: structure of a wiki, wiki revisions, users etc but with ability to etherpad editability (i.e. multiple simultaneous users)


  • Who is author of wiki revision on etherpad save? (Assume saving user ...)

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Could also extend this to other things, e.g. editing a file in github user interface, or a wordpress blog entry etc etc

(18 Nov '11, 13:52) rgrp ♦♦

Not that this immediately addresses your question, but as you may know there is a wiki feature in Etherpad itself.

The integration project you've suggested is noted in the etherpad issue tracker:


solved 20 Dec '10, 14:53

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At WikiSym 2010, Joseph Corneli showed GravPad - an extension of EtherPad with wikilinks. (at least that is what my notes tell me here:

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solved 22 Dec '10, 15:36

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RE: "Issues: Who is author of wiki revision on etherpad save? (Assume saving user ...)"

Perhaps the user adding 'significant' concepts / verbs / paragraphs / terms could be referenced for each manually saved edit. I guess I am suggesting that authorship might be attached to words rather than edits (save versions).


solved 04 Mar '11, 00:45

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