There seems to be a huge degree of momentum surrounding open data now. It's now fairly difficult to track who is doing what. Perhaps we could create something wiki-eqsue that would categorise communities by their geography and their interest.

This idea could benefit a few people:

  • newspaper editors looking for someone to analyse some interesting content
  • high school students who would like some guidance
  • design students interested in data, but need to know who to talk to
  • open data communities, such as mailing lists, because their populations would increase as people find out about them

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Really like this idea. I wonder if we could even trial to start with a specific area such as Open Government Data. This would also be good because we sort of have something like in progress (but in need of assistance) with our mapping of initiatives, challenges, catalogs etc.

Think catalogues and datasets should go in -- for catalog use tag package-type.catalog and can use country tag (country.{iso-code} or an extra attribute country to design country)


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