Purpose: allow users to record whether trains/planes/etc are on time via a simple webapp / phone app.

Why? Official on-time statistics do now exist for some modes of transport in some countries. However, they are far from comprehensive. More importantly it is unclear that 'official' figures (collected by the operators0 record what users actually experience.


  • Identifiers for services (e.g. train route and timing) so that you can record on-time stats against that service
  • Simple phone or webapp that let's you record whether a given service is on-time. Should allow you to quickly select the service and then either a) to push a button to indicate the service arrived at that moment b) enter a time for arrival. Service should optionally record user information so that one can deal with spamming or poor data entry.

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I think you'd have to get someone to record that they were going to measure a journey before they started it. Otherwise you'd get terrible bias towards people wanting to record a service being late.

How about a button to say 'I've just arrived at the bus stop, waiting for number 63 or 48' to time how long it takes for your bus to arrive. Extra bonus marks for seeing two 63's at the same time.


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