Create a catalogue for data sources which are created during crisis events, such as natural disasters. This could include:

  • Sattelite imagery
  • mapping data
  • ad-hoc contact lists

submitted 19 Jul '11, 01:33

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tim mcnamara
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I'd suggest starting this as a group (e.g. "emergencydata") on the If you're happy with this as a starting point please mark this response as accepted so the idea is 'closed' :-)


solved 21 Aug '11, 11:55

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rgrp ♦♦
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This is a great, easy to implement suggestion. Thanks Rufus.

(24 Aug '11, 01:44) tim mcnamara

Great to hear Tim. If going ahead with this (which I'd strongly support :-)) suggest booting the group, adding a description and a few datasets and then writing a blog post announcing the idea and calling for collaborators ...

(24 Aug '11, 10:25) rgrp ♦♦
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