Mini visualization app that shows me how much of any CD or DVD price goes to artists. Could also show:

  • Amount going to label / producers
  • Amount going to promotion and advertising
  • Other ways to contribute to the artist

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Nice idea, it would be good to extend this beyond CDs and DVDs to MP3 purchased online as well...


solved 16 Jan, 09:50

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What data resources are currently available for seeing that kind of distribution? It's a fabulous idea, but I'm wondering where/how we could gather that kind of data for visualization.


solved 17 Jan, 15:18

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From what I know about the music industry

you (in the UK, via the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) are entitled to 7.5% of the price of a CD / Vinyl when it is "mechanically" pressed.

You also usually get 12.5 or so percent as a royalty on a sale (with a standard music contract).

However, some labels have lower royalty rates, and some indie labels split 50:50.

MP3s tend to sold as licences, so have a different royalty structure as well.


solved 20 Jan, 16:01

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