Use the data to make a game, or maybe two games.
Game 1

Rules: The player should enter two triple found in the dataset, the starting triple and the ending triple. The goal is to link from an entry with the starting triple to an entry with the ending triple in six steps or less.

game play: Player enters starting triple and ending triple (only triples actually existing in the dataset, with helpful autocomplete and validation). A list of titles of entries from the dataset appear which contain the starting triple. When an entry is selected from the list, jump to a view of the whole and present all of the data from the entry as easily readible triples. Hovering over anyone of these returns a list of titles of entries that also contain this triple. Click on one to go to that entry. And so on till the user gets to an entry containing the matching triple.

Alternate version Same as above except the object of the ending triple needs to be Francis Bacon, either one (or Kevin Bacon, but I've yet to find him in the dataset, so lets just stick with the two Francis's). Should probably allow for more than six attempts as this might get difficult.

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