Web based client for #okfn IRC channel on irc.oftc.net.


  • Embed Mibbit in a basic Wordpress site (pro: very easy, con: has ads)
  • Deploy CGI/Java script at irc.okfn.org (pro: clean/customisable, con: takes time)

submitted 12 Mar '11, 14:11

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jwyg ♦♦
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See this existing trac ticket: http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/379 (irc.okfn.org: IRC web interface for main okfn irc channels)

(17 May '11, 03:58) rgrp ♦♦

This is now resolved in that we have moved to freenode and therefore have http://webchat.freenode.net/. Hence resolving this as done (though in form of not having irc.okfn.org but something else).


solved 07 Nov '11, 17:38

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rgrp ♦♦
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Resolved, yes, but we could still redirect http://irc.okfn.org to http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=okfn

(21 Nov '11, 10:41) Nick

Good point Nick. We should re-open http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/379 with this point added and then fix (or just fix!)

(22 Nov '11, 13:49) rgrp ♦♦

Just to note, for the record, that this is done, and has been for some time.

http://irc.okfn.org/ redirects to Freenode webchat, and http://irc.okfn.org/channelname redirects to Freenode webchat, preselecting #channelname in addition to #okfn.

(01 Jun, 10:42) Nick

For now we can use Mibbit link:


Custom bit.ly link:


Here is code to embed this in an iFrame:

<iframe width="550" height="350" src="http://widget.mibbit.com/?settings=c7f56097e86bf5d3a1d49ed9b26a19d3&server=irc.oftc.net&channel=%23okfn"></iframe>

solved 12 Mar '11, 14:16

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jwyg ♦♦
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Try setting width="100%" and height="100%" to make the iframe use the whole screen.

(21 Mar '11, 20:10) Mike Chelen

One of the best open source web-based IRC clients is Qwebirc which uses Python and Ajax.


solved 21 Mar '11, 20:12

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Mike Chelen
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edited 21 Mar '11, 20:17

Would you be interested in helping set this up Mike?

(24 Mar '11, 20:03) rgrp ♦♦

Also might forward okfn.org/irc okfn.org/chat and chat.okfn.org


solved 21 Mar '11, 20:18

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Mike Chelen
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http://www.linode.com/irc/ has done quite a nice job re: CGI/Java implementation


solved 12 Mar '11, 14:12

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jwyg ♦♦
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The CGI version looks like CGI-IRC

CGI-IRC is probably a better choice than Java because CGI-IRC uses very few resources on the client side and does not require browser extensions.

(21 Mar '11, 20:15) Mike Chelen

we can also use jappix widget very easiy to integrate with any page and supporting XMPP which I find in many ways more robust than IRC... I put up a demo while ago here:



solved 24 Oct '11, 10:49

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elf Pavlik
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