A very simple exercise to map demand for specific datasets to be opened up in different countries. Ideally undertaken as a joint exercise between public bodies and NGOs/civic society. A very simple page with the following questions:

  • Your name:
  • Your email address:
  • Your country: [drop down menu]
  • Your occupation/affiliation (if relevant):
  • What data would you like? (please submit different requests separately)
  • Why do you want this data? What would you do with it if it was opened up?
  • Can we publish this entry? [Yes/no]

Could be used to get a snapshot of demand for open government data (e.g. as the basis of reports to inform licensing policies, etc), and to help public bodies prioritise their open data strategies, and to show public bodies what external reusers would do with datasets if they were opened up.

submitted 26 Mar '11, 14:02

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jwyg ♦♦
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Couldn't we just use http://ckan.net/ for this? Perhaps with a stripped down form to avoid 'scaring' people with the full set of requirements. We can just tag the relevant packages with e.g. tags like wishlist (and getting more detailed: wishlist.not-sure-exists wishlist.not-made-available ... etc).

We did this very successfully 2.5 years ago the Open Government Workshop: http://ckan.net/tag/workshop-20081101


solved 27 Mar '11, 13:20

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Price is a great way for the market to determine demand. I suggest you include a crowdfunding model for Data Bounties like this: UK Trade Union Data Bounty.


solved 26 Mar '11, 18:06

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edited 26 Mar '11, 18:07

I think a Google Form attached to opengovernmentdata.org or CKAN.net seems like a really practical way to make this happen.

Would adding this to CKAN.net overload its purpose? I don't really think so, because there is a comments functionality already on the site.


solved 30 Apr '11, 11:21

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tim mcnamara
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