A semi-structured proposal for the dissemination of archaeological data on the web. This is currently targeted at publishing a dataset of Late Roman ceramics that is already implemented through a Django app (available at http://bitbucket.org/steko/thesis-app).


  • RDFa
  • BIBO for bibliographic references (can be exported by Zotero)
  • Pleiades and GeoNames for geospatial references to ancient places, together with plain coordinates
  • OpenVocab for African Red Slip Ware
  • ArchVocab Excavation ontology for excavation, contexts and quantification. I created an ArchVocab-like ontology for finewares and another one by Sebastian Heath
  • DBPedia for general references where viable


Task list

  • ask Sean Gillies and Tom Elliott about using Pleiades
  • ask Leif Isaksen about ArchVocab and typology vocabularies
  • ask Sebastian Heath general advice

Open questions

  • Linked to what, in general/epistemological terms?
  • Does this scale for larger research projects/teams/timespans?
  • Will be someone consuming these data?
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